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Business and Financial Solutions for Acute and Post-Acute Hospitals 

Future-proof your business with a unified platform: Revenue Cycle meets Enterprise Resource Management and secure data exchange 

Benefits to Your Organization

Future-proof your business with a unified platform: Revenue Cycle meets Enterprise Resource Management and secure data exchange 

Redefining “end-to-end RCM to give healthcare’s financial leaders what they need – finally 

Traditional end-to-end RCM solutions, which fail to integrate with essential business operations, don’t provide the cohesive engine your hospital needs to run in today’s healthcare marketThat’s why Cantata Health offers a single, yet robust, financial suite for health systems to reduce operational expenses while increasing operational revenueSimplify the business of healthcare with a platform that:


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Includes revenue cycle management, financial management, and operational software and services.


Incorporates cost accounting, materials management, general ledger, predictive analytics, claims processing, and more


Seamlessly integrates EHR Data

The result? Cleaner claims, lower A/R days, full visibility, and the analytical foresight to drive future success – all from one vendor with decades of success supporting facilities and systems like yours.  

But don’t take our word for it. Black Book Research, a leader in healthcare technology and services research, awarded us Highest Client Satisfaction for Revenue Cycle ManagementPatient Accounting, and Enterprise Resource Planning Software 

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Clean up the claims process 

Automated claims processing, pre-registration, and insurance verification improves the patient experience and allows back-office staff to only focus on urgent claims or exceptions. Even better: Resolve issues before they get expensive through forecasting and avoiding preventable denials. 
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Dissolve data silos  

You need a system that integrates data across functions, producing a complete picture of your financial health and operating expensesCantata’s Healthcare Business Solutions brings together ADT, enterprise master patient index, and data normalization to strengthen your business through the power of alignment. Additionally, predictive analytics tools help you anticipate business trends and better serve your community as your industry continues to evolve.  

Manage operational costs 

We’ve combined cost accounting and inventory management tools with a robust RCM system to help you close the feedback loop on your business and financial operations. 

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Lower your A/R days 

Cantata’s Healthcare Business Solutions targets every potential hang-up along the cashflow journey with services spanning from financial counseling and POS collection to remittance processing. 


The stability that Optimum Healthcare Business and Financial Solutions offers is largely due to the team behind it. Our team is comprised of hospital administrators, nurses, contract managers, and more – many of whom have decades of healthcare industry experience.  

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