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Managed Services

From deployment to enablement, we’re there for you.

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Services & Support

From deployment to enablement, we’re there for you.

Helping organizations better maximize their technology investment

We’re here to help your staff stay on track with what matters most: quality patient care and efficient financial management. We can help hospitals and care facilities maximize their technology investment, increase staff efficiency, reduce operational costs, and get the full picture of a patient’s health across every point of care.

Align to Your Facility

You have financial and care quality goals. We have the tailored solutions to help you reach them. Let’s find the one that works best for you.

Accelerate Value

You’ve got a system in place, but there’s always room to improve. We reduce implementation time with a certified staff to ensure migration and setup are completed without disrupting patient or resident care.

Ensure Compliance

Our Services and Support teams are staffed by experts with more than 200 years of combined healthcare and IT experience. Get the expert assistance you need to ensure your organization stays ahead of regulatory practices and external changes.

Keep It Simple

Streamlining a resident’s billing process from admission to discharge while reducing costs and expediting payments is important. So, we designed our Revenue Cycle Management Solution to do just that. We get to know your unique business requirements and help guide your revenue cycle management implementation while reducing Accounts Receivable days, improving revenue integrity, and managing denials.


“Cantata Health’s product was the most effective solution on the market for us to modernize our entire healthcare IT infrastructure within our existing facilities, while also putting in place a scalable solution to support future growth, as plans for a new facility are well underway.”

Gene Grochala, Vice President and CIO
Capital Health

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Implementation and Migration Support


Eliminate unplanned delays and extra costs when streamlining your organization.

We provide onboarding support and configuration assistance to ensure your system is set up correctly and aligned to your organization. Our revenue cycle management (RCM) and electronic health record (EHR) support team provides everything needed to get started quickly, whether this is your first system, or the one you’ve had for years.

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Training and Adoption Support

Make implementation and adoption across your organization seamless.

We work with administrators and nursing leaders to ensure technology and staff are working together to deliver an improved patient experience using our best practice frameworks. Our enablement support service is designed to increase your operational performance and efficiency, resulting in lower readmission, increased confidence in the new systems, and faster time to value for the facility.

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Quality & Compliance Management

Assess your growing organization by evaluating its strengths and opportunities.

Using a best practices framework tailored for your facility, we offer your leadership team visibility into high-performing areas of the organization and where challenges may exist. Think of it as a check-up that provides administrators with a roadmap to better ensure staff, processes, and systems are aligned to support current and future priorities. The results include a roadmap to help you adapt your facility to future initiatives, such as adding new staff and adopting new regulatory practices.

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Whether you’re looking to get started with electronic health records, improve your billing and payments systems, or jumpstart your growth transformation, we’re here to help every step of the way.

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