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Introducing Cantata Health’s Referral Portal

An integrated pipeline management tool for

Skilled Nursing Facilities


Stand out in your network. Stand up for superior care.

Cantata Health’s Referral Portal streamlines care coordination, fractioning the amount of time it takes for clinical liaisons to screen and accept new residents from hospitals. A unified view into candidates’ care profiles gives SNFs the speed they need to win referrals, plus the insight to select ideal residents for their facilities.

Integrate with your hospital partners, stabilize reimbursements, and improve care across the community with the help of these Referral Portal features:

  • Clinical Liaison Dashboards: Provides single-pane access to everything a clinical liaison needs to know about potential residents, reducing the time and effort that goes into the vetting process.
  • Capacity Management: Helps SNFs match resident count to bed count and provides a holistic view of their organization’s availability threshold.
  • Specialty Alignment: Allows facilities to more efficiently admit residents that align with their specialties, improving care outcomes and reducing hospital readmissions.
  • PDPM Support: Gives SNFs predictive insight into resident factors that could impact PDPM reimbursements.
  • Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrates with our award-winning electronic health record (EHR) platform, NetSolutions, as well as with other EHRs. Bi-directional data exchange eliminates duplicative efforts and saves hours of time for staff. However, the Referral Portal also works as a standalone solution.

Ready to optimize your occupancy? Be an early adopter of the Referral Portal.

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