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We are here to help

Unfortunately, disasters happen. We want to help you through anything that comes your way. In the event that your organization faces a natural or unexpected disaster, we will offer assistance to get you up and running. We will help get you installed on our cloud-hosted systems at no charge until you are able to resume normal operations.

We allow access to our comprehensive, reliable hosting services, promising that your financial management and clinical software will be up and running whenever and where you need access. Our cloud-based environment helps to create harmony between providers, patients, and payers to simplify coordinated care and accelerate payments in the new world of value-based care. If you have a disaster, by using this system, your users will be accessing your system until normal operations resume.


  1. Fill out the Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Form to identify key contact personnel and processes
  2. Provide us with a backup of your NetSolutions SQL database for us to load into the Cantata Health hosting site
  3. It is our hope that you never need us to provide this service, but in the event that you do, we are here to help.

*No charge for hosting services for up to 60 days. After 60 days you can choose to continue using the secure, hosted system for a nominal monthly fee, or move back to your own environment. Your account manager will contact you with details once you are ready.

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