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What Our Customers Are Saying

From a clinical liaison position, the Referral Portal has been a tremendous help in making my job easier as well as more time effective as I find the portal application to be very user friendly. One of the best features is the ability to update and change information as needed without having to re-write an entire prescreen. It has helped to cut my report writing time by at least half.
Melissa Brewster, MA, CCC-SLP, Clinical Liaison
Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital

As a Director, the prescreen Referral Portal makes it easy for me to be able to quickly review clinicals and provide feedback to my team and leadership team. With everything being electronic, this has saved so much time for my admissions team because we have a large list of staff that has inquiry access, anytime they want to review clinicals and evals, all they have to do is log in. My admissions department no longer has to send out all the clinicals, updates, and evals daily. I love being in a leadership meeting and a new referral comes in who is ready to admit, all we have to do is log in and APPROVE!!!

Christina Salas, LSW, MSW
The electronic prescreens from the Referral Portal has created several efficiencies. I don’t have to go back and forth to the admissions office all day long reviewing clinicals and approving patients medically. On the weekends, I am able to approve remotely and the portability has been a tremendous improvement. I really like the flow of the completed report and the legibility is a BIG plus!.
Revelyn Arrogante, Medical Director
Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital