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Maximize Reimbursement Opportunities with ABILITY Network

Comprehensive MDS resident assessment and infection surveillance.

Cantata Health has partnered with ABILITY Network, a leader in financial and operational performance improvement, to improve reimbursement and compliance for skilled nursing facilities.

The Cantata Health and ABILITY Network integrations are designed to help facilities:

  • Achieve Higher Reimbursements: Through identifying MDS issues earlier in the resident assessment process, facilities can improve accuracy and minimize claims issues.
  • Reduce Survey Citations: Facilities can easily identify errors for resolution, minimizing risks and more efficiently transmitting MDS assessments without potential error.
  • Boost Infection Surveillance: Expand surveillance capabilities to save time for staff with infection-related events, capturing outbreaks before they become larger issues.
  • Meet Regulatory Compliance: Mitigate monetary penalties and care quality impact through adherence to mandated performance measures.

Together, ABILITY Network and Cantata Health’s NetSolutions EHR platform allow facilities to better achieve reimbursements while improved care quality outcomes. Improved reporting allows facilities to better leverage care performance and efficiency needed to drive continuous improvement.

To find out more about how Cantata Health and ABILITY Network can help you reduce survey citations and meet regulatory compliance, contact us today.

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