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Certified Nurse Assistant

Spend Less Time Documenting & More Time With Residents

With all the critical work that you do in a day, the last thing you want is to lose time on paperwork. The NetSolutions EHR software offers a customizable documentation system, and report database to enable you to update charts and records in real-time. 

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“Cantata Health’s product was the most effective solution on the market for us to modernize our entire healthcare IT infrastructure within our existing facilities, while also putting in place a scalable solution to support future growth, as plans for a new facility are well underway.”

Gene Grochala

Vice President and CIO Capital Health

An Easier Way to Communicate With Your Team and Your Residents

No more tracking down a supervisor to get additional information about a resident. Our real-time alerts and messaging systems reduce missed communications and misunderstandings and help you manage your tasks.


  • Leave messages for the next CNA  or a shift supervisor with important notes without the need to know who that staff member might be.
  • Automatically provide alerts and notifications to your supervisor or other team members triggered by resident condition changes.
  • Manage your to-do list electronically so your supervisor is always up-to-date on your progress.
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Reporting to Make Your Job Easier

NetSolutions Point of Care also offers advanced reporting capabilities to help empower better care outcomes and streamline critical processes. Examples include:

  • Shift confirmation and incomplete documentation reports with visual indicators: Spot missing entries to help ensure data integrity and remediate oversights.
  • Resident maintenance reports: Proactively complete required documentation prior to discharge.
  • Consolidated care guide: Streamlined care guides with Kardex, Care Plan, and Intervention Reporting.

Get The Support You Need

As a CNA, you’ve got a lot on your plate. From taking vital signs, to serving meals, to answering resident calls, NetSolutions has the tools and features to support you in your daily tasks every step of the way.


eAssignments and Messaging

Reminders to help drive care at the bedside and alerts to make sure you’re always informed of residents’ condition and care plan updates.


Other Support

In addition to our robust products and modules, NetSolutions supports CNAs with

  • Multi-lingual and language support
  • How-to videos
  • Color-coded required data fields

Software to Simplify Your Workflow

With clear and easy-to-use systems, you can understand resident care plans faster, more thoroughly, and with less effort enabling you to more effectively assist your residents, improving resident outcomes and satisfaction.


Point of Care

Easily enter, access, and share information with our Point of Care system including ADL, Vital Signs, and supportive care documentation at your fingertips with options for:

  • Touchscreen Kiosk System allows for fast and easy data entry that’s built into resident rooms.
  • Mobile Point of Care charting gives you instant access to chart resident care in real-time from a portable device, anywhere.


Includes eMAR/eTAR for paperless point-of-service documentation updated in real-time with

  • Simply click a checkbox for each medication and treatment administered
  • Alerts you to any missed orders before moving on to assist your next resident
  • Use barcoding to navigate to another resident with ease


Care Plan System

With standardized, yet individualized care plan interventions sent to the POC for supportive documentation, you’ll find everything you need in order to

  • Document resident ADL and behavior observations
  • Effectively and timely documentation of resident Vital Signs, Weights, and Changes observed
  • Option to document changed based on eInteract
  • Quickly find needed medical equipment set up requirements
  • Capture statements made by residents and family members